How to Match Colors in an Outfit

Wow, it’s been ages since my last post, just about a month I think! Anyway, as I was browsing today, looking for fashion inspiration, I came across some interesting blogs, with tips on how to combine colors in your wardrobe, without looking like Ugly Betty. Fashion is like art, you have to know how to combine colors and make them look appealing to your audience. Knowing the right colors to complement your skin, your style, and the event will certainly add an “oomph” to your personality. You definitely do not want to look disoriented, do you? Matching yellow hues with baby blue and light pink shades would make you look like an oversized marshmallow – a total fashion blunder. But with these fashion tips, you’ll be sure to pull off great color combinations. Here’s how to do clothing color coordination using the Color Wheel.

1. Colors directly next to each other (yellow and yellow-orange; yellow and yellow-green; violet and blue-violet, etc.)
2. Colors that form right (90 degree) angles with each other (yellow and red-orange; blue and violet-red; green and orange, etc.)
3. Colors directly across from each other (yellow and violet; blue and orange; red and green, etc.)
4. Colors that form a T (blue, orange, and violet-red; yellow, violet, and red-orange; yellow, blue-green, and red-orange, etc.)
5. Colors that form an X (blue, orange, violet-red, and yellow, violet, blue-green, and red-orange, etc.)

Brown, black, white and denim blues are neutral, so they can generally be paired with any colour on the Color Wheel.

So the idea is, next time you can’t think of what to wear, instead of heading to the shops and devastate your wallet, just pick up a Color Wheel and look at your wardrobe again. You can create great color combinations with these fashion tips. Whenever you are going out, try out different clothes first and see if they look good in the mirror. For sure, a part of you will know if something does not look quite right. Browse some fashion magazines and gather tips on color blocking. And before you experiment on a combination, ask for a friend’s comments so that you will know whether the colors you matched look right.

Useful tips:

One very important thing is to match the colors of your clothes to your skin tone and your hair color.

Dark skin and brown hair:

  • Pink and orange
  • Red and black
  • Pink and green mint
  • Green and beige
  • Purple plum and beige
  • Red and gray

Light skin and brown hair

  • Beige and white
  • Navy and beige
  • Brown and yellow
  • Brown and dusty white

Light skin and blond hair

  • Chocolate brown and red
  • White and black
  • Khaki and chocolate brown
  • Grey and black
  • Purple and brown

Also, it’s advisable not to wear more than 3 colors in the same outfit to maintain a coordinated look and avoid looking like a clown. In order to have a good result or if you are in doubt, use the color wheel to help you choose the colors. But remember: “Less is more”.

An outfit must have only one dominant color.

Try using more sober colors for the parts where you want to look thinner.

Vivid colors (neon) are better for the upper part of the body because they light up your face.

Avoid matching: green and blue, maroon and black, red and pink, black and navy blue.

Well, hope it works out for you too! x

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372 thoughts on “How to Match Colors in an Outfit

    1. That what I’m trying to find out too. My taekwondo ambassador uniform is blue but my belt is orange. I’m not sure if I should stick to my old uniform just because those 2 colors don’t go together….

    1. Well…yeah! If you wanna go pop-shock or a bit hip and happening they can be brilliant together but be careful in over-doing it!

    1. These combinations are difficult, it could work in a multi-color combination but just together they are often not the best friends. Turquoise by itself goes with green, blue! Cobalt blue can go good with yellow.

      1. Pls can yellow mixed with royal blue head gear be combined with teal green dress?if not which colour of dress will u recommend

    1. It can work, but be sure to match the shoes and accessories with the top, not the jeans. I hope you will look fantastic!

    1. I am afraid the black in the stripes will not fit the navy color! But if you accessorize it with black shoes also, it might go well!

  1. I’ve wore an orange t-shirt and light orange almost salmon colored shorts. My wife says they don’t match. Is she right?

    1. If it’s a fuchsia pink ABSOLUTELY not! 🙂
      Also not a very light pink! If your tie had some shades of blue in it, it can go well!

  2. Which other colour combination will go along with these three colours for my weeding red, blue and white? , which colour of suit, shirt and tie will u recomend for me.

  3. I am looking at buying a grey dress for a ball I am going to – would red and black shoes match with this?

  4. Hey love this article !! I have blue green pants and finding very hard to find a top. Any suggestions? ? I tried dark Grey works fairly well but looks very dark overall. I’d like something lighter. Also the color of shoes would help to! The shoes are hard since they ad another element of color. ……

    1. Grey is a dull color…To make it lighter and spicy…I would go for yellow! For shoes try yellow, green or blue!

  5. Tanks a lot you have really help me . Hope to be a great designer some day but can I wear yellow,black and white for my graduation ceremony

    1. You are very welcome, glad I could help! Yellow, black and white are a perfect combi! They go very well together!

    1. For the summer blue green is a perfect color to wear, so for accessories you can go crazy with anything you want!

  6. Pls I have a gold laced dress with a red inner lining, intend wearing it with a red nd gold accessories then with a different colour of bag nd shoe but don’t know the right colour am to match it will. Pls tell me the right colour that will go with it

  7. I have two different outfits, a purple dress and another orange dress. Wat color of accessories (shoe, bag, necklace) will go with the two dresses.
    Thank you very much

  8. I have a pair of pink and light purple checkered shorts and I am trying to figure out what solid color would go best with it besides white. Any tips?

  9. Awesome article, thanks for the advice, just wondering though, does a coral coloured top go with a light blue pair of pants with cork and coral wedge shoes?
    Thanks heaps

  10. I just bought a light brown with white spots summer dress but not sure which color of shoes to wear with it.

    I have the same problem with what to wear to the office if I want to wear a darker bleu skirt.
    could you help?

  11. I’ve been asked to take a self-portrait for my college yearbook, with a blue-sky background color, and wearing the almamater jacket which is also… navy blue. I only have an orange shirt, and a pink shirt; a black white-stripped tie, and a red black-stripped tie. The question is: which is the best combination, please? Thanks so much.

  12. I have a white flowy top. What color would look best with it for shorts? Pink or yellow? Same for a navy blue top.

  13. Hi
    sorry if this is a silly question but i am in the early stages of planning my wedding. I like almost an ice blue for the bridesmaid dresses and chair covers etc, my other half wants thistle button holes and flower arrangements, as a nod to his scottish family that can not be with us. Will these colours work?

  14. I have a skirt and its a floral skirt the skirt has pink , blue , green and white on it , it might sound weird but it’s a really cute skirt the thing is that I don’t know what blouse to use with it or color … What do you think ?

  15. I’ve decided on a makeup look for an upcoming show. The colors include gold, pink, and purple and I have purple earrings with a bracelet that has specs of purple and a little blue to go along with it. I really don’t want to be predominantly purple, do you have color suggestions for my outfit?

  16. Dressed up for church. but thinking of wearing. yellow & violet red or purple. and which shoe should I wear it with.

  17. What colours go well with different shades of beige chinos?
    Eg I have a dark brownish pair and a natural beige beige pair

  18. Hi
    I am a guy. Can you tell these two things. I want to prepare for a summer party

    1. Will charcoal grey t shirt match with dark indigo blue jeans & plain black jeans??
    2.will very light pastel green color t shirt match with dark or light blue jeans ??
    Please reply soon…i have very less time..thanx a lot 🙂 nice article.

  19. We are doing family pictures. My daughter has a white and dark coral dress. Could I get away with wearing a maroon top?

  20. I was planning on wearing a blue top, white jeans and accent it with yellow bag. Can that work? With white wedges

  21. Hi,
    Great article.
    Can a dark green men suit go with a plain Orange tie on a White shirt?
    What colour handkerchief can go well with this?

  22. I disagree that you have to match your clothes to hair and skin color. This pure nonsense. Wear clothes that you like and the way you like and the color combos you like. Plain and simple.

  23. The best way to match up orange pants is with a multi-colored pattern earth tone top. Solid colors do not go well orange pants. For example: Orange pants with a flowered multi-colored earth tone top.

  24. Hi! In need of help for fall pictures. I have orange and yellow with black exuma pants if i what color shirt should i wear? Also what colors should my son wear?

  25. We are grateful for every letter you have writted it.
    And as for combination of wheel colour x way,will the thoice be correct among the four colours even if its randomly to match tow of the four?

  26. what about dark purple shoes, brown or gray trausers, dark purple or black or gray sweatshirt and gray jacket…. ,hx in advance

  27. My daughter and son are taking pictures at their school soon. The background for the pictures is a really busy pattern of trees, grass, etc. The colors of the background are red, green and brown. I was thinking of dressing them both in blue jeans, but I am unsure of what color tops to choose. They may take a picture together so I’d like to coordinate their outfits also. What color clothing would you suggest they wear? Thank you in advance!

  28. Can I wear an orange shoe on a yellow dress with a bag that has yellow and Orange but orange is the dominant colour on d bag

  29. Hi! I have a white and orange-yellow striped sweater matched with brown suede shorts for winter. but I need to know what should the color of the tights and the shoes be?

  30. Hi! I matched a yellow-orange long-sleeved shirt with brown suede shorts. I need to know does it work? and what color should the tights and shoes be? also for accessories? sorry for the possible mistakes English is my third language

  31. Would a Navy blue skirt with tiny orange bubbles on it go with a dark green jacket and like a peanut butter colored shoes?

  32. Thanks so much. Pls does violet sleeveless gown & top goes together with cream coloured hat & shoe. Thank you

  33. I can’t seem to decide on a bridesmaid dress color, I want the men to wear a brown vest with a white undershirt and blue jeans with boots. The girls would also be wearing boots(country wedding) any suggestions on colors that would match the denim blue and brown ?

  34. I have a shimmer/ glittery green dress and I have no idea what color necklace would look good with it. Do you have any suggestions?

  35. Hello pls I have a khaki coloured shirt with 3 thick pink stripes in d front,back and arm.what tie colour can match it well??

  36. Hello, my half saree skirt is in green and blouse also green,duppata is of red colour.but I don’t like that red duppata so can u guide me any better combination please?

  37. I’m the mother of the groom. The bridesmaids are wearing plum. The groomsmen are wearing charcoal grey. The mother of the bride is wearing royal blue. I have medium to light skin and brown hair. What color would you recommend?

  38. Will a neon turquoise, light green, and white purse (Vera Bradley island bloom) go with brown boots, a marked gray, jade green, or volcano red hoodie and blue jeans?

  39. I have a darcey printed dress. I thought that beige shoes would match but still has no idea about the colour of the jacket/coat. Would black match? Thanks ?

  40. I’ve bought a lovely mens formal Jacket in light beige, what’s the best colour to wear below please?
    thanks in advance.

  41. I’m trying to design an outfit with a purse I have a bright pink shirt and black leggings so should I make the purse grey ? 🙂

  42. I am designing my class tee shirt and they have decided that they wanted maroon…I just dont know what colour it matches for the printings….Help!Urgent!

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  44. Im having some trouble with matching my clothes so i have these pink nike shoes and a purple and white floral tanktop lined with white lace. Would those two colors clash or would it look good?

  45. Please help me..i hav a dress which is till the angles and it has three wide opening that is on either sides and front..colour is red and white checks(diamond shape).. I have no idea what to wer for my bottom…as d pants can be seen very clearly through openings..pls help me out

  46. I have a beige bag with matching shoes and i don’t know what to wear with it, i want something very summery looking, any answers??

  47. I have a beige color outfit and I got the same colour shoes. What would go well as for accessories ? Gold or white ? As well as nails! Need help here please

  48. I have a patterned maroon sweater with a lime green t-shirt and boot cut light blue jeans, you can see part of my shirt over the top of my sweater
    Is that alright?

  49. Pls is my wedding and am planning to go for a blue dress, red gele and a yellow with touch of red shoe and clutch…. Kindly reply possess!

  50. Thank you for the help. What goes with an average Asian though? Best friends’ birthdays are coming up. Oh, and a Light skinned, dirty blonde.
    Does purple-yellow go with black hair and yellow skin? Or does pink & light green fit better? Do blue and green make a good combo and still fit with light skin and dirty blonde? If not blue and yellow/orange?

  51. Hi thanks for this wonderful post,it’s helpful. Pls I have an orange blouse ,brown skirt with golden design,golden (hair tie and shoe).Pls what color would my accessories and make up be?

  52. i love bright coloured clothes. kindly give me combination for yellow, orange, pink, shouting green and crim

  53. Hey I need help
    I have lime green / yellow green dress and black accessories (shoes and jewels) I’m not sure what color mask should I wear
    Would a color of purple work?

  54. So I have a dress that is red on the bottom, with blue beading over it, so it kind of makes a purple. I have black shoes, and light skin and brown hair. How do I do the makeup?

  55. Please I have a yellow and blue head tie,can teal dress go with it? If not what colour will you suggest d dress shld be?

  56. How does green ,white and black for a pair of pants with a black shirt with a pop of yellow jewelry and the shoe is yellow also

  57. 1.can a brown trousers, white shirt and green coat match?
    2.what colour of a shirt should i match with an orange trouser?

  58. I have a blue sweater with yellow and white shapes on the breast area. Can I wear black pants and brown boots with it?

  59. Would bright with small amounts of forest green pink yellow blue whte tribal shorts and like a forest green crop top go together?

  60. Hi, this is a wonderful article! My boyfriend was trying to wear dark blue jeans that had baby blue stitching with a yellow polo and white Jordan’s that had red bottoms and black laces. I tried to explain why it wasn’t the right choice but he didn’t understand. If I am correct, can you please help me explain.

  61. I have a orange shirt orange belt white pants and orange loafer do you think that’s too much if not I want to do a bow tie what color should it be? Thank you in advance

  62. I have this yellow and white stripe suit and all am hearing is white hat and accessories or back and am not feeling it. It feels gloomy to me so help here.

  63. Good day

    I have a beige pencil skirt. But i don’t know what color blouse to wear with it.

    Can you please help me

  64. Lovely article, I saw you discredited matching maroon with black…I have a maroon dress but I don’t know which colour of shoes to go for??

  65. If I wear a maroon shirt with blue jeans I’m brown boots that have a plaid pattern of red and green would that look, or do you think black boots would be better comment Before Christmas this is what I’m planning on wearing for Christmas

  66. hellow I have a brown trouser and a cream shirt iam muslim so I need a hijab which colour of a hijab should I match with?

  67. I’ve bought a yellow blazer to go with a pair of navy skinny jeans
    Would a blue cami top with a bit of orange go or would it clash too much
    I have a matching pair of heels and clutch bag , there yellow with streaks of colour on them

  68. I have some blue jean big leg pants with with thin stripes in them. Will a yellow top with white print go with it. With brown natural color wedges

  69. I have an event to go to next month I have beige heels with gold on the side and like a army green pants trying to find a beige top what should I use for accessories? Should I go gold or should I try to find like an army color green

  70. I found the colour chart useful and the advise. However i wanted to ask what colours matched dark teal. One site had pinks, coral, navy and brown. i might try navy and brown but given the advice to have one dominant colour thought pinks might be a bit too much bold colour, unless pale pink maybe.

    Also i wanted to ask if poppy pink was very similar to hot pink (as have issues seeing some colours) and if this colour or dark teal would be likely to match more things particularly for summer for instance in a scarf

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