New Year’s Resolutions

New YearNew Year‘s old habits are losing ground in front of a new tradition: planning for a year of achievement. This is the most popular one but also the one which brings us a great frustration.

The to-do lists don’t differ much from person to person. Most of us plan to lose weight, to make more money or at least to learn how to better manage our budget, to quit smoking, to advance in the career, to meet the love of your life, etc.

New Year to Do List – a realistic approach to the resolution

We write simple resolutions on a sheet of paper, but most often, at the end of the year, we realize sad or disappointed that we cannot mark “done” behind so many of the objectives. Here are some solutions that can help you to succeed with your resolutions throughout the year.

First you need to change your behavior.
To attract changes in your life, you should primarily work on your routine. For example, do you jump in the car every day on route to work? Leave it at least once a week at home and walk or ride the bike – it works so good for both body and mind, more than you would think! It is a first step to get in shape and plus…you could meet someone 😉

You need to define clear goals.
It’s easy to say you want to lose weight, but to actually start the process you have to do more than that. Write next to your goal the desired weight and give yourself a permissive deadline. It is not healthy to put your metabolism upside down trying a draconian diet. But don’t postpone a healthy regimen for tomorrow when you could start today. So try to turn it into a lifestyle!

Monitor your progress.
You know well that your goals will not succeed immediately. It takes persistence, strength and motivation. For example, you really need to analyze your results to check if you’re on schedule. The first kilos you lose will motivate you to continue with your approach, but to continue it will prove that you have what it takes!

Reward yourself after every success.
It feels demoralizing when those around you don’t notice the first changes and don’t see         that you are working so hard to achieve your goals. But you’re not doing it for others, but for yourself. Instead of being too critical on yourself, from time to time award yourself for what you accomplished so far. Like this you will stay focus on what you have to do and you will not abandon the new challenge.

The extra push.
If you realize that every year you have the same list of goals and never succeed to achieve them, place them on your Facebook page or Twitter for your family and friends to see and read. The encouragement of others and the desire to prove them that you can do it will bring you closer to your goals.

Chances are, that occasionally you might deviate from the path that you’ve proposed. It is important to relax and forget small mistakes you made, so you can return to the race with your head hold up high and with fresh forces. Just don’t give up!

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