Love your nails

NailsTo have splitting and peeling nails is not a good way to go into the summer. How do we take care of our nails and make them look healthy and beautiful.

Change what you eat
Vitamin B8 (also known as Biotin) is very good for the nails. We find Biotin in cauliflower, cereals, avocado, liver, cooked eggs and nuts like peanuts and cashew nuts. If you find it hard to eat these essential vitamins you can always choose to take a biotin supplement.

No more dry and brittle nails
Not only vitamin B8 is important for healthy nails. A shortage of vitamin A, C and Calcium, will also lead to dry and brittle nails. Do take a sufficient amount of these vitamins or try to eat the following foods:

Vitamin A        Zucchini         Paprika        Avocado

Vitamin C        Cherries         Oranges         Strawberry

Foods with Calcium        Mango         Chia seeds         Yoghurt        Mackerel

Be careful
Don’t pull a stay-tab with your nails, remove stickers or use your nails as a tool. That way you will hurt your nails or even break them! When you work in and around the house, always use gloves to protect your nails!

Taking care of your cuticles
It is good to use the following products on a daily base:
Cuticle Care Pen to hydrate your cuticles with a moisturizing cream.
Cuticle Cream always in your bag to stop and prevent dehydrated and torn cuticles         Cuticle Oil massage the oil firmly on to your cuticles and let it soak in…..STUNNING NAILS!
Olive Oil dip your nails into a bowl of extra virgin olive oil for 10 to 15 minutes. Do this one month and you will see stunning results. After the first month repeat once a week.

Nail and Hand massage Just like you back, feet and your head, also the hands should have a weekly massage. Use a good hand cream and a nail oil and start rubbing your hands until they are smooth as silk. This is also very good for the blood circulation in your hands and for real healthy nails.

Drink water
We all know that drinking water is good for us. It hydrates your body, helps you losing weight and makes your skin and hair glow. It is the same for your nails. So…get a glass and start drinking!

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