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Summer tan

After the first article in the series about our favorite time of year, Summer Shape, this time we are going to talk about Summer Skin cause summer is going to be here really soon, and you must be very anxious to hit the beach! But before you do so, make sure that your skin is as ready for summer as you are. After being deprived of the sun’s rays for many months, skin can sometimes suffer an adverse reaction. Below I give you some tips to follow so that the sun and your skin become the perfect allies.

Exfoliate your body.

After a season of warm clothes and wintry weather this is a must. Body brushing is an excellent way of getting rid of dead skin cells and also helps boost the lymphatic system and circulation, which brightens the skin.

Prepare your skin deep down
It’s not a myth. Certain foods can actually help to prepare your skin for tanning. Carrots, tomatoes, fresh fruits and green vegetables should be eaten on a daily basis in the month running up to any prolonged contact with the sun. These foods are all full of beta-carotene, Omega 3 and vitamin A, E and C, which help in getting ready the skin for the beautiful weather ahead.

When the day to sunbath finally comes, make sure you drink lots of water (at least 2 liters) before heading outside. This will help to preserve and maintain the invaluable fatty acids that make up the cell tissue within the dermis. These energy-rich sources are essential for the body and should be protected at all costs.

Protecting your outer skin layer
Staying hydrated all year round you know it’s a must! Good hydration means you will reap the benefits come summertime. Skin will become more resilient when it comes to retaining moisture and preventing dehydration whilst combating any sun-related damage. Make sure skin stays hydrated by using a rich, intensive cream, combined with a medium SPF. Don’t forget to protect your face properly – use a cream with a high SPF. Apply to the entire facial area as well as the neck and décolleté, which are often neglected and burn easily.
If you want to wear make-up make sure that you’re using a foundation with a SPF in it.

You should also protect your lips with a lip balm that has SPF of at least 15. Reapply your lip balm as often as possible to avoid dry, damaged lips.

After a few days in the sun, you may want to swap your regular body moisturizer with a specially formulated after-sun, especially if your skin is feeling a bit burnt. Anything containing Aloe Vera is worth checking out, because of the plant’s fantastic healing and soothing benefits.

Remember – your skin hasn’t seen the summer sun in a very long time, so it takes a while to get used to it. In the beginning use products with a high SPF to avoid sun damage. Protect your face, neck and cleavage by wearing a hat, and protect your eyes from UV by wearing sunglasses. Also make sure your arms, hands and feet are well protected, for they are usually exposed to the sun every single day.

Next time we are going to take a look at Summer Food.

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